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In 1967 a group of Hispanic Transit Workers organized in order to combat issues in the work place. They quickly learned the ways of collective bargaining skills in order to better represent themselves.

Today H.T.S. is one of the strongest Not For Profit societies in New York City Transit, A proud melting pot with membership which consist of but not limited of Females, Males, Color, Race & Creed.

We are proud to be the only society to own it's own headquarters located in the Soundview Section of the Bronx. 

H.T.S. proudly continues to serve the Soundview Community for over 40 years.
We have many members old and new to thank for the success of H.T.S.

and thats why we proudly display  photos of them on facebook. (Property of HTS) 

Indestructible - Tito Allen & Ray Barretto
Tito Allen & Ray Barretto (The Myth Of Fania)